Premium Car Motorbikes Shampoo Wash & Wax suitable for Shiny Surface - Concentrated 4L

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Wash & wax shampoo is a unique formula product, highly concentrated, which cleans, protects and maintains your car surface.


This is a high class vehicle shampoo that truly cleans, shines and protects. With its rich foam removes easily dirt, mud and other deposits maintaining and restoring your car color while leaving a protecting wax film on to the surface.

It rinses easily, offers a shiny result, and protects from dust, heat and rain.

Add 2 caps of shampoo in 5 liters of water make foam with a sponge and wash the car. Then, rinse out with enough water.
For best results use on a cool car and in the shade.


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Car Shampoo with Wax 4L


These are high quality aftermarket parts.

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